Patients Lie in Coffins to “Die” as Part of Chinese Psychological Treatment

Most people would consider lying in a coffin and having the lid shut over them to be a traumatic experience, a special psychotherapy service in Shenyang, China is using it as therapy to treat psychological problems and heavy stress.

The Shenyang Evening News reports over 1,000 patients have so far been”reborn” by simulating death with the help of psychologists. Tang Yulong, a consultant at this unique psychotherapy clinic in Shenyang, says people who suffer from psychological problems can be helped by simulating death. People go in a 5-square-meter ”death experience room”, write down their last words, lie down into a coffin in the floor and are covered with a white cloth. To make this “dying” experience even more realistic, the “deceased” can even hear a dirge being played in the room. After five minutes of “serene time”, the sound of a baby crying breaks the silence, and a consultant opens the coffin with a cheery tune playing in the background. This rebirth apparently helps people get a new outlook on life.

“In the past 35 years, I thought what I pursued were what I needed, such as money and a high position. However, after this special therapy, I find out that what I need is not a house, but a home,” said Huang, a 35-year-old manager, said after going through the unique therapy. He tried to commit suicide four times, in the past, but was stopped by family or colleagues. Now, after going through this treatment, he has asked for demotion and has become involved with various charities, to help those less fortunate. ”This therapy makes use of suggestion theory in psychology,” consultant Tang said. ”However, it’s only part of the psychotherapy and is not suitable for everyone. We will choose proper ones to receive this death-experience therapy,” he added.


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